Cultural Impact of the 2016 Election in the US

There were two events that happened on November 8, 2016. One is political, and politically what happened is akin to a very difficult situation in a game of pool, when you have a cluster of oddly positioned balls on the table and one of the players decides to just hit the whole cluster in the […]

Commitment to violence

I’ve been thinking about the current social situation for a while now. I would avoid calling it political, because I would like to take this discourse out of the realm of politics and look at the social and maybe even psychological factors. The division of society along the party lines expired a long time ago. Only […]

Identity And Personhood Within New Media

I presented some of my thoughts on identity and the concept of a person within the context of rich interactive environments in February of 2016 at the Lawrence Technological University in Detroit.

The Physical Impossibility of AI in the Mind of Someone Human

It is impossible for us to understand what a different – non-human – intelligence would be like. Neil DeGrasse Tyson talked about this gap in relation to an alien mind. What about artificial intelligence? There seems to be an inherent incompatibility of intelligences. We could only glimpse into the world of dolphins and octopuses. The […]

Why are most games close-sourced?

This question came up during one the discussions in my New Media class. We had recently talked about GNU and libre software and how it grew into Linus and the OpenSource movement etc., etc. I had a lot of Game Art students in there but it was an Industrial Design major Heitor who asked that […]

Music is Dead, Long Live The Apps

Jaron Lanier wrote quite a bit about the affairs of the current pop music scene – there is the open letter to DJ Spooky, and then the say ideas are laid out in his book “You Are Not a Gadget.” (In particular see chapter 9 – “Retropolis”.) The leitmotif is that the music has stagnated […]