Color modes

Range mapping are often used for color. Color can be represented in processing in RGB - red, green, and blue values - or in HSB - hue, saturation and brightness values. One way or the other you will need three values - he main difference is what will be what they will represent, and what will change when you change one or two or all of them. Here is what these color systems look like:

RGB system is the default, with red, green and blue values represented with ranges from 0 to 255. In HSB system common values are 360 for hue (for 360 degrees in the top circle of the cone) and 100 for saturation and 100 for brightness.

Those ranges can be changed as your are setting up your color mode to the more convenient one if necessary.

Depending on what you'd like to manipulate and how you are receiving your values you can use one or the other color system to make your system simpler and better fitting with your users' mental model.